Thursday, May 23, 2013

5/23/13 Hole-In-Wonderfuls Round 4!

Hello all! Sports reporter Daniel here.

The Hole-In-Wonderfuls have competed in three more mini golf cups over the last several weeks, and I am here to report to the blogosphere all the adventures:
In an attempt to play at every course around us, we drove north to Lynwood, WA for the 18 hole course at "Family Fun Center & Bullwinkle's Restaurant". This 18-hole championship miniature golf course offers 9 holes in a tropical, tiki, mid-century Hawaiian vacation-styled indoor course, and 9 holes outside in a pirate adventure theme. It was quite an experience! My mom and I noted how we could save a lot of money the next time we wanted a Hawaiian vacation, by just coming here! They even had a vintage sounding Hawaiian lounge music soundtrack. An added bonus, was the fact that we were playing around 11 am on a Tuesday, and there were no other players in site. It was like we were members of a highly exclusive mini golf country club!

Gabrielle preparing to sink her shot!
Mom and the large tiki!

One of the main advantages of mini golf over regular golf is the wide variety of ball colors

The Brady Bunch goes to Hawaii Edmonds!
After 9 holes in tiki land, we ventured outside where we tried our best to be under Paaaarrrrghhhh! (pirate joke). The course was nicely landscaped, with various shades of synthetic grass to emulate water and land. The best part was a simulated fight scene between pirates, and sea monsters, that included cannons, a sinking pirate ship, and life-like monsters. It was fantastic! I think mom was distracted by all the fanfare, which is why I was able to eek out a victory.

With our Hole-In-Wonderfuls mascot, Mrs. PotatoHead

My awesome mom and golf partner!

What fun monsters these were! A definite must next time you are looking for fun at 220th and Aurora Ave!

Tropical plants (real and faux) set the tone

At the end of our 18 holes, we could have also played lazer tag, driven go carts, hit balls in the batting cage, done the ropes course, or bumper boats, but instead we went to Chipotle and ate delicious burritos with guacamole and chips. Somehow that sounded better than a bucket of fried chicken at Bullwinkle's Restaurant.

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  1. I am so jealous, but I am also blessed to read all your mini-golf "resorts" reports. I'll certainly be well-informed should I end up your way on vacation some day.

    Blessings! Janet