Sunday, May 26, 2013

5/26/13 Scrabble champ!


As Gabrielle may have alluded to on more than one occassion, she loves Scrabble.  It's a great way to kill time during chemo (or any other time, for that matter) as she schools Daniel or me (or anyone else wandering by) in this game of wit and verbal creativity.  She may have also mentioned that most of the time, she wins (though I did manage to eke out a rare victory on Friday).  She LOVES to win!  What she may have not told you is that I secretly photographed some recent sessions she has had with the Scrabble board, and am including them here for your perusal.  She also seems to think that having cancer means that she can make new Scrabble rules and has made two:

1.  The words don't have to touch.
2.  You can use any letter you want as a blank if you run out of the letters you need.

So here they are:

On this game, for some reason, I was the one playing words like "I" and "no", while she came up with "fighter" and "no quitter" and "butt".  Needless to say, she cleaned my clock on this round.  I protested over the word "butt", saying it was a little too racey for a family game like Scrabble.  I tried to make my own rule of: no "ifs, ands or butts", but she shot me down.  I guess you get veto power of new rules if you're the one getting chemo (emoticon wink inserted here....I don't know how to make those little doodads).

It's really hard to beat her when she gets the "x" and "z" and comes up with such nifty words.  I made "and", "on" and "can-er" (that's cancer, not canker, though it would be nice to be zapping the pesky canker sore I'm dealing with right now).

I thought I had her on this one, as I knew that the one who is supposed to hit the road is "Jack", but then she throws a curve ball at me and tells Zeke to hit the road.  I protested, to which she waved a "Q" in my face and told me that she could have told "Zaraq" to hit the road.  That shut me up.

I will leave it to your imagination as to what Gabrielle was thinking when she played those four blanks.  She just got a big grin on her face when she played them.  Rear?  Heck?  Snot?  Butt?  Can't think of anything else that might fit I said, this is a family friendly game.

Can't argue with that!

Yep, thought I had her again when I threw the "nada" on at the end of her "nothing", then she pulls out her last letters and plays them on the triple word score...nothing like using your "z" in a triple.  I had no chance.  Perhaps this one should have read, "Steve...what are his chances of winning at Scrabble?  Nothing.  Nada.  Zip."

Good, positive thoughts.  Short game, but I couldn't think of anything to add after "cancer", so we called it good. 

There she is, playing a high scoring letter over the triple word score again.  Mega, mega points!  I couldn't protest too loudly at her good fortune to score so well.  After all, who wouldn't want a triple serving of Jesus at a time like this?  Or any time at all, for that matter?

And with that, we called it a day!

So, if any of you out there want to take her on, be my guest.  This is especially true if you like having your clock cleaned by Gabrielle.  Fortunately, she takes the same winning attitude into her chemo sessions and is closing in on being done with the whole shooting match.  Perhaps I should add "eyes on the prize".  Any way you slice it, she's a formidable golf, Scrabble, ovarian cancer.  It picked the wrong person to take on, that's what I say.

And with that, I'm going to sign out, eat some shrimp, and study the Scrabble dictionary.


  1. I have a feeling that after Steve's big win (only because the benadryl kicked in and Gaby fell asleep), he had a little alone time with the Scrabble board. Very creative, as usual. Here's something else for you to study, Steve:

  2. i do love reading your blog, i am also touched on what had happened to your wife..scrabble is a nice game,i don't find it boring..i find it very challenging..

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