Sunday, August 25, 2019

Gabrielle's Feast Summer 2019 Wrap-Up


I wanted to make a short post to say THANK YOU to everyone who came out to "Gabrielle's Feast" last night! It was great to see all of you, share a meal with you, and help raise money for ovarian cancer research together! 

Thanks to your generous donations last night, we raised $3000 for ovarian cancer research at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center through the Gabrielle Dudley Memorial Fund! Yay!! (Some of the gifts are processed in person on weekdays e.g. checks being deposited by the Hutch, so the total $$ will be reflected on the fund page soon). Very exciting, and so important in the fight against cancer. Thank you for your kindness and generosity. :-) 

Here are a few photos from last night's Feast. If you couldn't make it to this one, look for news about the next Feast which will likely be in the Spring (or Winter if I can figure out how to seat so many people inside ;-)). Adrienne will be back from New York at that point so we might be featuring a Vietnamese-inspired menu! Yum!

Dining al fresco is a treat in the Northwest!

Sign by Renée, easel rental courtesy of Jericho.

Lots of fresh mango pureed with lime to go on the coconut tapioca pudding.
Herbed basmati rice. There was enough.

Renée, Riley, and Steve were the best sous chefs/waiters/event planners! Thank you!

Best sister-in-law!

Thank you to our guests!! You raised $3000 for ovarian cancer research in one night!! Wonderful!

My mom's brownie recipe always makes me feel like she made them for me 💖.

I will post about the next "Gabrielle's Feast" sometime later this year. Hope to see lots of new or familiar faces there! Cheers!

P.S. Thank you to my auntie Marti for the photos!

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  1. This was such a fabulous event in memory of your mama and in support of her Fred Hutch Ovarian Cancer Memorial Fund. Your family has always been amazing cooks & hosts. THANK YOU FOR THE INVITATION. ♥ PS: I'm so happy to share the pics!